Poetic Augmented Reality Experience

Walkthrough video:

A cycle of 12 poems, each augmented by an interactive diorama.
Lehrsprüche der Bauernschlauen" is an AR application that consists of 12 dioramas augmenting a 12-part cycle of poems.The title refers in an ironic way to the peasant calendar, the 12 parts correspond to the 12 months. Here the length of the poems decreases continuously: if the first one still has (originally) 12 verses, but they are broken up and spread over the page, the last one has only one. Each of the 12 poems is assigned a marker, each of which refers to a diorama. Each diorama is thematically related to the motifs found in the respective poem, but also extends them visually-narratively. In doing so, I pay attention to an opulent-baroque, but also surrealistic aesthetic, in order to underline the character of the poems, some of which are written in a stream of consciousness. The dioramas all have a square ground plan. Interactive elements are planned as follows: touching golden spheres triggers sounds and small animations. The first, longest poem has one golden sphere, the last, shortest poems has 12 golden spheres. The 3D models (except the ones where I used models available for download online) were created from real objects scanned using photogrammetry.
Developed in the production lab program of AURORA School of ARtists at INKA Research Group @ HTW Berlin - feedback for the 3D modeling and animation part came from Dagmar Schürrer, help with programming came from Leonid Barsht.
To research other forms of performance, I have scanned parts of my body and also use these as material for animations.

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