summer behind glas - sommer hinter glas


interactive poetry-sound-video performance. Performed on the Indramayu Mask Festival, Indramayu, Indonesia on 04.05.2018, at Galeri Fadjar Sidik, Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 20.07.2018 and at Maggie Wren’s Art Space, Melbourne, Australia on the 31.12.2018.

Link to the performance in Yogyakarta:



Interactive poetry-sound-video performance. Performed at 95B Manila, Philippines on 23.01.2018, and at Territorial Pissing Vol.2 Festival Bandung, Indonesia, 02.02.2018

I then turned the performance into a performative 360/VR poetry film cycle. Here you can find out more:

rocket launch, not unforeseen - raketenstart, nicht unvorhergesehen -


performed on 21.06.2017

soil I - boden I


interactive poetry-sound-video performance. Performed at the German Institute of Literature, 28.10.2016 and at Projektwohnung krudebude, Leipzig, on the 16.06.2017

shriek and twitch and you’ll get kissed


vegan terrorist intervention performed at Bucha Meat Festival, Ukraine, on 30.01.2016

I asked random visitors of the festival whether they would shriek and twitch like a pig being slaughtered in exchange for a kiss on their cheek. Most said yes. Some tried to get their kiss without shrieking and twitching, though.

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