Offenbarung (Revelation)




Erstellt im Rahmen des #OkZoomer - Projekts der Lettrétage, des Sag Auguste-Lesefestivals und des Quartiersmanagements Auguste-Viktoria-Allee Berlin-Reinickendorf.

Suburban menace and post-festival apocalypse merged into one. Commissioned by the Reinickendorf district of Berlin.I've actually used real footage of MRTs of my brain and my upper body. You are never going to get any closer to me! And please look at my liver, I am actually extremely proud of its beauty.

Visitation (I-V)

(Please note that this is still a work in progress.)

A cycle of five poetry films in VR/360.


Password: Visitation2020

The titles of the poems are loosely based on the stages of coping with grief according to Kübler-Ross, but are ironicized.

The poems are in English, the anti-capitalist interludes in Russian, my second mother tongue. The latter are in the style of an antiquated Russian language course, but the content is absurd and Soviet slogans evocative.

The performances are also grotesque-humoresque in character.

All of this is said to open up a strange liminal space.

The basis of the films is the number 5 and its iterations. Numerical mystical elements and compositional principles are woven in.

The sound collage is ambisonic, each sound collage consists of 5 different sounds, which are arranged differently in the room, plus the voice overs.

It is played with emptiness, and with irritation, because there is actually no certainty at all. First the videos are immersive, then they move away from each other. The individual hemispheres move towards each other, move away, move up or down. Thus the illusion of immersion is broken again and again. The world is getting more and more confusing.

There are many hidden meanings, either in sequences of numbers, or based on the choice of secondary videos.

The videos / poems always follow the same scheme, (stanza 1 - anti-capitalist interlude - stanza 2). what changes is the respective performance, the poem, the sound collage, and the color scheme. Thus there are both repetitive and non-repetitive elements.

The secondary videos that are collaged in act as disturbing elements at first glance, but actually add a narrative level. The mystical idea of ​​the five elements is suggested.

The first performance, Denial, in red, corresponds to the element fire. It takes place in a garden, a telescope is balanced on a trampoline, invisible stars are viewed. The associated videos are e.g. Bonfire.

The second performance, Anger, in yellow, corresponds to the (western) element air, or wood according to the Chinese element theory.

It takes place in the Melbourne Anarchist Club, a ball of wool is taken, measured and cut off. This should remind both of the red thread of the Ariadne, as well as the norms, which measure the life time of the human being: by the first spinning the thread, the second measuring it, the third cutting it off. The associated videos are e.g. Wooden structures.

The third performance, Bargaining, in green, corresponds to the element earth. It takes place on the windy beach on the Pacific Ocean. Toilet paper is wrapped around the body. The associated videos are, for example, plants.

The fourth performance, Depression, in blue, corresponds to the element of water. It takes place in a closed alley, flyers are torn. The associated videos are e.g. the euro symbol of Frankfurt, sea, lights.

The fifth performance, Acceptance, in violet, corresponds to the (western) element spirit, or metal according to the Chinese element theory.

It takes place on the steep bank of the Yarra River, wrinkles are painted on the face. The associated videos are, for example, flowers and padlocks.

There are also running gags: In addition to the anti-capitalist interludes, a person with a fur hat appears who does gymnastics exercises. A figure that symbolizes death always tries to harm itself, but fails.

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